TEAC A-3300SX-2T Restoration

Last summer I went back home to Omaha to help my mom clean out some of my dad’s things after he passed away. In his shop downstairs, he had two TEAC open-reel decks, a 4-track and a 2-track. I decided I’d ship one back to California, and picked the 2-track, with the 10.5″ NAB studio reels.

The deck was in good condition, except the belt was broken and one of the VU meter lamps was burned out. The VU meters were a major pain to remove. The wires were very short, and I had to desolder them while they were inside the deck.

Not much room to solder...

Even though only one meter was burned out, I had to replace both lamps since I couldn’t find a frosted bulb that matched the original.

VU Meter with blown lamp VU Meter with new lamp

After replacing the VU Meters, the capstan and reel motors needed to be lubricated. Luckily, the motors have convenient tubes that lead directly to where the oil needs to go. They drank a lot of oil… I presume the wadding inside is pretty deteriorated at this point and most of it is sitting at the bottom of the motor.

Capstan motor

After a good cleaning, I put it all back together and it works great! There is still a company that makes the tape, which can be purchased here.

20131026-Reel to Reel-0010

Joe Mesterhazy

Joe resides in Palo Alto, California and develops clinical and research software applications for UCSF at San Francisco General Hospital. When he is not coding or wandering the Mission in search of lunch, he enjoys cycling with his wife Rosie, bringing antique technology back to life and making silly faces at his son Jonathan.

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